A 5-star geothermal solution for the brand new Hilton hotel in Belgrade

Remarkable ground-to-water heat pump system, first of its kind in the global Hilton chain

A brand new Hilton Hotel in Belgrade is about to open its doors to guests. It will provide a unique experience of modern elegance and luxury. But what would be not visible to guests is perhaps even more interesting. Deep down, under ground, on the level -4 of the hotel, lies a remarkable energy solution.

Two Viessmann heat pumps (600kW each) in charge of heating and cooling of the hotel use the ground as a source through geothermal probes, while the third Viessmann heat pump (500kW) is in charge of domestic hot water - DHW. As much as 72 geoKOAX geothermal probes total length 7210 meters are installed as the primary energy source.

This unique solution solved the issues of  the minimal available space and reliability of energy source within the limited confounds of the elite city-center location.

Each of the Viessmann’s high-temperature heat pumps has color-sensitive touch-screen controllers that allow easy setup and visual monitoring of the plant's operation. These controllers are further connected to the parent monitoring and tuning system via the Modbus protocol, which allows it to be monitored and configured over the Internet from any location on the planet. Changing the set values, correction of the operating curve, alarm information etc. are virtually instantaneous and visible, which is of a special convenience for the object of such a purpose.

The superior efficiency aims to bring first-class benefits for the client. Hotel opens on March 8th.